I’ve successfully built several websites for real estate agents, using two key WordPress tools. First up, I needed the completely versatile Divi WordPress theme, which is always easy to install and design. And since ‘my’ realtors want their clients to be able to search MLS listings on their websites, I also needed an extra CREA DDF plugin. Thankfully, SOLDpress works perfectly for Canadian realtor websites.

Keep reading to see if these two online tools will work for you.

There are monthly subscription platforms for real estate websites, and I’m sure they work for some people. But I’m a WordPress girl (one of millions of WordPress girls, in fact!).

There’s a reason that WordPress has been used for almost 20 million websites.

From better seo to better content management, plus so much customization options and a wealth of plugins to fit just about any need, I always used WordPress to build my websites. And I always used Elegant Themes to optimize WordPress (see why Elegant Themes is such a great WordPress option for businesses here).

So my first tool to building websites for real estate agents is my beloved Divi.

But since I wanted to include CREA listings, I needed another tool.

Given the complexity and legality of showing literally 1000s of real estate listings on-site, you really need an external WordPress plugin if you want to show CREA listings on your real estate website. And buying plugins blind can be tricky.

Plus, lots of DDF plugins are expensive and require steep monthly or yearly fees.

So I was very happy to find SOLDpress, which has proved to be a great solution. They have an affordable one-time sign-up fee, great-looking layouts (see below), seemed user-friendly, and cover Newfoundland and Labrador (where two of my real estate agents are located, and which is often not covered).




And I’m still more than happy with my choice. SOLDPress was easy to install and configure, and when we ran into a small shortcoding problem, we got email support literally within 5 minutes.

After a few email exchanges, we had our problem resolved in about half an hour – and our site has been working great, and exactly like we were hoping it would, ever since.

I pride myself on finding good online companies (hello, Elegant Themes!), so I’ve never had major complaints about any products I use. And one of the reasons I love Elegant Themes is  their amazing customer suppport – it’s some of the best I’ve found in the ‘biz.’

But without a doubt, SOLDpress is the best customer support I’ve ever received. So I highly recommend the plugin, and I hope to use it on more real estate sites in the future!

In fact, I was able to turn the success of one of my real estate websites into an ongoing relationship – I now provide website and social media management for a monthly retainer fee. Turning website design projects into ongoing relationships with clients has been one of the major keys of my freelancing success. And I couldn’t do it without these great tools for websites for real estate agents.

(And please note – I’ve been a proud Elegant Themes affiliate for about 5 years. That means I like the product so much, I signed up for their affiliate program, at no extra cost to you. I am not an affiliate of SOLDpress. Opinions are still very much my own.)

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