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If you’re looking for a super simple SEO hack that you can implement in minutes, then look no further. I’ve got a little tip that will solve a common SEO dilemma.

We’re going to build our SEO hack using Canva (one of my all-time favourite resources for digital marketers … and it’s free!). Let’s jump in!


SEO Hack – How-To

This tip is especially helpful for content written about intangible things, like, say, ‘seo hacks’ for example!

You probably already know that rich content is really important for SEO, and that you should use the ‘alt image’ space to describe any images you upload. This is all pretty much ‘SEO 101.’

Your description should accurately describe what’s in the image, so that search engines (especially Google) can ‘see’ what it is. AND, your description should include the important keywords that you’re building your content around. AND, ‘keyword stuffing,’ meaning just stuffing in a bunch of inaccurate keywords in your alt text, is a no-no.

I mean, that’s basically seo in a nutshell – helping search engines to understand what your content is really about.

So this is all great if you’re writing about something tangible like ‘pizza’ or ‘teddy bears.’ You just find great pictures of pizza or teddy bears, upload them, and make sure you describe them well. 

pictures of teddy bear and pizza

(Need helping finding free digital photos? Check out this guide).

But none of this helps if you’re writing about intangible stuff, for which there’s no obvious associated image. What if your topic is ‘marketing mistakes’ or ‘seo hacks?’

Well, I got this idea from the great Brian Dean’s article on seo tools (a must-read if you’re just starting to learn about seo).

See this cute little header graphic he made?

screenshot of brian deans seo banner

It’s brilliant, because it’s simple to make, and he can honestly label it with his keywords. In this case, the alt text for this image is ‘seo-tools-banner.’

Boom. Keywords in the very first thing Google (and any other search engine) is going to read on the page. And, by calling it a ‘banner,’ you’re letting the search engines know exactly what it is, which is exactly what they want!

Don’t worry if you think making this type of graphic is hard. IT ISN’T.

Not when you use my favourite digital resource of all time, Canva.

I call Canva ‘photoshop for dummies.’ It’s a free online resource that helps you easily build professional-looking images and graphics. It’s super easy to use for just about any type of graphic you could want to make. Definitely worth checking out. 

I also use this concept to make Pinterest graphics that I add to every article. So for this post, I’ve made the following graphic, which I’ve labeled ‘seo hack pinterest graphic.’ Again, this lets Google know exactly what my image is all about, while having the added bonus of encouraging people to pin from my article. Score. 


A final word on this seo hack: even if you’re writing an article about pizza or teddy bears, making an attractive banner can still be a good way to get in your keywords, while branding your post and making it visually appealing for your user. Win-win-win!


What You Must Know About SEO

All that said, this is the only time you’ll see me calling something an ‘seo hack’ on this website.

That’s because there are no quick fixes for seo, there’s no getting around search engines, and there’s no tricking Google.

The old days of buying some links and strong arming your way into a good ranking are over, my friend.

This simple little trick isn’t really a hack – it’s just a ‘best practices’ way to make sure you’re informing Google – and your readers – about what they can expect from your post.

And more importantly, when you think about SEO, think about what the search engines are actually looking for. And that’s good, high quality, long form content that really answers the exact things people are searching for. It’s not rocket science.

(I love how the guys over at Income School break down the core of seo, by the way. SEO just isn’t as complicated as some people like to make it seem!)

Using WordPress to build your site is another great way to ensure your site is search engine optimized (and it’s got lots of other benefits, too).

And finally, you should know that things like your bounce rate affect how seo, which is why you want good content and a nice looking, functional website. Maybe I’m a little biased as an affiliate marketer, but I think Elegant Themes is a great place to start. If you’d like to learn more, don’t miss my newbie guide to building an seo website from scratch. 

So please take this simple seo hack, and please ensure you’re always following best seo practices. And happy search engine optimizing!

Psssst …. like the Pinterest graphic and banner in this post? I built them super easily and FOR FREE using Canva.
And all these great images are from Unsplash, and they were FREE too!
They’re two of my favourite online resources available to digital marketers …
find them all here!