If you’re a blogger or small business owner who’s decided to take web design into your own hands, then you’re probably considering premium WordPress themes. And you’re wondering whether paying for premium themes is worth it, given the amount of free options available.

There’s nothing wrong with starting with a free theme, especially while you’re new to WordPress and learning the ropes. But if you’re serious about your website, you should be serious about the house on which it’s built. And that means you’ll want to consider premium WordPress themes. Here’s why.


Premium WordPress Themes Benefits #1:
No Coding Required For Great Customization

When you purchase a premium WordPress theme, all the code heavy lifting is done for you – and you can still get a customized, branded site that looks just like you want it to. At least if it’s a good theme, the amount of CSS know-how required should be next to none.

Certainly, understanding HTML basics will never hurt. But even long time web designers who know code up, down, and all around now use premium themes. It just makes things easier.  Especially for newbies.

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#2: Better Technical Support

Even the most experienced web designers can descend into pull-out-your-hair madness when building a website. Sometimes, software just doesn’t do what you want it to do.

If you’re using a free WordPress theme, you’re limited to free message boards for any problems you run into. And don’t get me wrong. Message boards can be awesome, and they’re a good, quick resource for small, quick problems.

But it’s quite possible you’ll run into problems you can’t solve on your own, or that you’ll want to make adjustments to your site that aren’t covered in your free theme’s FAQs. When you work with premium WordPress themes, you typically get access to support from people who made the themes and know them inside out.

This extra support is often invaluable – I’ve been surprised more often than not at the level of support provided by Elegant Themes, for example. They have a full team of dedicated support staff who have even done custom coding for me when required.

#3:Beautiful Designs

Let’s not kid ourselves. Best practices and trends in web design are constantly changing, and it takes years of training to learn how to code and design beautiful sites from scratch. You might have a good eye and a little know-how, but you’re not a trained developer. And your website will be up against other websites built by masters who know a whole lot more than you do.

Using premium WordPress themes levels the playing field. You basically have the top designers in the game working on your site (and, as mentioned above, providing support where you need it).

The result is likely going to be far more attractive and user-friendly than what you could come up with on your own.

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#4: Responsive and Secure … All The Things!

It’s 2018. If your website isn’t responsive (ie, mobile- and tablet-friendly and usable on all browsers), then you’re going to get a big ding in your Google ranking.

And since it’s 2018, that also means that any premium WordPress theme worth its salt is going to be responsive automatically. It’s just another way choosing the right theme can make your life so much easier.

And it’s never been more important to have a secure website. So rest assured. Premium WordPress Themes should have frequent security updates to keep things running smoothly.

Basically, when you’re going with premium themes, your developers are doing all the thinking and worrying for you, so you can just stick to building a secure, responsive and very pretty website.


#5: Affordable … Sometimes

Just because they’re called ‘premium,’ don’t think that using premium WordPress themes means you need to break the bank.

Elegant Themes, my favourite choice, has options starting at $89/year (at the time of writing). This allows you access to all their themes, plus their amazing support.

I’ve built my freelance business using Elegant Themes, so I definitely recommend checking them out.

Whether you go with them one of the other biggies out there (ThemeForest, Themezilla, etc.), then I’m sure you’ll be in good hands!

One last note and a word-to-the-wise. If you opt out of using a premium WordPress Theme for now, for safety reasons, please only stick to free themes available from WordPress.org.

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