Whether you’re starting a new company or launching a new website, you need to know how to pick a font. And if you’re not a graphic designer, you’re probably worried that’s not such a simple task.

Perhaps nothing will be more important for your new website and branding than your font. You need something that is easy-to-read, while also visually representing the right feel for your new brand.

And, most people want to use more than one font (one for your headers, one for your main body).

The problem is that if you don’t have any design experience or education, pairing fonts can be really tricky. Fonts can clash with each other – and when they do, they can dramatically affect the user experience.

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make about the look and feel of your new brand. You can outsource all your branding, including your font selection, to expensive digital firms. Or you can get something cheap on Fiverr (and, to be honest, likely get what you pay for).


Or you can take advantage of the great, free options now available in the online marketing world. If ‘great’ and ‘free’ sounds good to you, keep reading to learn more about how to pick a font pairing (that you’ll actually love).


How To Pick A Font

I like to keep my digital marketing efforts easy. I’m a great writer and I have a good eye, but I don’t have a coding background or a design degree.

And when I say easy, I mean easy. I chose all my fonts for all my brands using this simple guide from Canva.

If you haven’t heard of Canva yet – you’re welcome. It’s a free online service that lets you build custom graphics that look like they were made in Photoshop. Except you don’t need to know how to use Photoshop.

Plus, they give you all kinds of tools and templates to ensure your graphics are clean and professional. It’s like they’ve baby-proofed graphic design.

Seriously, if you’re considering becoming an online marketer or freelancer like me, it’s invaluable.

And their ‘ultimate guide to font pairing’ is, well, the ultimate guide to font pairing.

First, they give you a brief intro into how to pair fonts – always good to get the general concept down a bit.

And more importantly, they offer you 30 font pairings, all picked by design experts (who have tons more experience than we do!). They even suggest which font pairings work for which brand types, from Manufacturing to Cocktail Bars and everything in between. Here’s an example:

canva font pairing demo screenshot

So don’t make things harder than they have to be. Go through the list, find one you love, and stick with it.

Thankfully, if you use a premium WordPress theme like Divi  or Extra  (like I do), then all of these fonts are already built in to your platform.

Don’t take my word for it – here’s how easy it will be to change the fonts when you’re using my theme:
(Gif credit: Elegant Themes.)

search fonts in elegant themes

(If your theme isn’t quite so awesome, there are plugins you can use to add fonts to WordPress if need be).

Alternatively, if you have a header font that you just love (I always find myself drawn to Playfair Display, for example) but you don’t have anything to pair with it … you’re still in luck.

Check out the Canva Font Combinations tool, which will take the guess work out for you.

(See? Told ya you’d be thanking me for introducing you to Canva!).

Or Let Your Custom Theme Do The Font Picking

Like I mentioned, you can use a plugin if your WordPress theme can’t handle the font you want to use.

But really, in 2018, if you choose to use a premium theme for WordPress (and you do want to consider a premium theme), then make sure you pick a theme with lots of fonts built-in.

(Still on the fence about whether to build a website, or if you even can? Check out my guide to building a website from scratch, and my guide to branding a website with no design experience!).

That’s one of the reason why I’ve exclusively used Elegant Themes to build websites for the past 5 years or so (I love them so much I even became an affiliate marketer). 

Because Elegant Themes comes with 800+ fonts built in. And they make it really easy to use, preview and manage your fonts, too. Here’s what that looks like (gif credit to Elegant Themes again).

how to preview fonts in elegant themes

Learn more about all the font features available from Elegant Themes here.

And, more to the point if you need to know how to pick a font … Elegant Themes will even do that for you.

In fact, even their default font settings are so great that I use them for some of my websites.

default font settings screenshot

But if you’d like fonts that are specifically tailored to your niche, then they’ve got you covered there, too.

That’s because all their layout packs come with font pairings that are chosen specifically to be on point for your brand. So whether you’re building a website for a coffee shop or a yoga studio or a jewellery store (and just about anything in between), you can pick a pre-made layout and stick with the perfectly paired font that comes with it.

In fact, they have layout templates for all the following types of companies, in no particular order: Restaurant, Agency, Learning Management (for e-courses), Design Agency, Fashion, Coffee Shop, Farmer’s Market, Yoga Studio, Wedding, Travel Agency, Photo Marketplace, Copywriter, SaaS Company, Web Agency, Interior Design Company, Digital Payments, Pottery Studio, SEO Agency, Business Consultant, Juice Shop, Software Marketing, Babysitter, Design Conference, Food Recipes/Blogger, Marathon, Cosmetics Shop, Tea Shop, Boutique, Auto Repair, Architecture Firm, Real Estate, Law Firm, Author, Handyman, Jeweler, Doctor’s Office, Travel Blog, Job Recruiter, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Animal Shelter, Elementary School, Locksmith, Life Coach, Wedding Planner, Car Dealer, Pharmacy, Graphic Illustrator, IT Services, Car Rental, Accountant, Insurance Agency, Construction Company, Meetup Website, Therapist, Moving Company, Carpenter, Business Coach, Language School, Electrician, Transportation Services, Food Catering, Gardener, Hosting Company, Plant Nursery, Cleaning Company, Makeup Artist, Bed and Breakfast, Web Freelancer, Political Candidate, Notary Public, Dentist, Nutritionist, Funeral Home, Soccer Club, Personal Trainer, Church, Driving School, Plumber, Fitness Gym, Podcast, Day Care, Laundry Services, Charity, Bank, and Suit Tailer. Whew!

And they add new layouts every week. 

So, for example, let’s say you’re building a brand/website for your gardening company.

Starting with the homepage, make sure you’re using the Divi Builder and select ‘Load Layout’ from your top row of options in purple.

From there, you can choose a beautiful layout that’s already been built. All you’ll need to do is populate the page with your own copy (and possibly your own images – although you can see the images provided are great too).

And voila. Not only do you have a beautiful new homepage. You also have a new font pairing that you can use across all your branding and on social media, too.

And it’s that simple!

The way I look at all this stuff is: there are people who have dedicated their lives to understanding the intricacies of web design and graphic design. You can spend a lot of time learning how to pick a font perfectly yourself … or you can let the experts do the heavy lifting. That way, you can focus on what matters most: growing your company!

Psssst …. like the Pinterest graphic in this post? I built it super easily and FOR FREE using Canva.
It’s one of my favourite online resources available to digitial marketers …
find them all with links here!