Do you need to pick a color scheme for a website, or even your entire brand/business? It can be really daunting if you’re not an artist, trained or otherwise. It’s such an important decision – how do you know you’re making the right one?

I mean, not only am I not an artist, I’m not even artistically inclined. I used to be terrified of picking colors that clash or even just, gasp, don’t match perfectly. Way to look totally unprofessional!

Thankfully, like most things digital marketing-related these days, you don’t need to be Claude Monet anymore to get a beautiful, on-brand color scheme.

There’s lots of online tools to help you pick the right colors – so let’s go over what I use.


(And if you’re ready to start building your website? Great! This FREE guide actually walks through all the steps in an easy-to-understand way). 

My Favorite Color Generator

So, just like there are tools to help you build websites with no website-building experience (here’s my favorites), there are also tools to help you pick a color scheme without any design experience.

Introducing …. color generator websites! Bonus: they’re free and could not be easier to use when you want to pick a color scheme for a website.

Just like their name suggests, these are free websites that will generate pretty and matching color palettes for you. All at the click of your mouse!

My current favorite is Colormind.

Colormind is my favorite because not only does it generate nice palettes. It ALSO shows you EXACTLY what these palettes will look like on an actual website (score!).

So you just go to and click ‘Generate.’

color scheme generator website screenshot

Generate over and over again, ’til your heart’s content. Find a color scheme you love!

And the cool thing is, if you click on the ‘Website Colors’ tab on the top, you’ll get taken to page where you can see website demos using the selected palette. This really gives you a feel for what will look best.


This demo is what sets Colormind apart from other color generators for your website. You actually get to see what the color scheme will look like in real time, so to speak.

And if you already have ONE color in mind, like if say you already have a logo designed in one solid color, you can easily incorporate it into the schemes your building. This is a fantastic way to make sure you’re only using complimentary colors.

So, you just decide whether your color of choice will be the main color or a supporting one, and you lock that section.

using Colormind color generator screenshot

Then click the magic ‘Generate’ button and see what it comes up with!

(Don’t know how to get the hex code, ie color, off your logo or image? Don’t worry, we’ll cover that below!)


Get Colors From A Photo

Like I mentioned, you might have a logo built, or an image that has great colors that you want to build your brand around.

First, note that when you’re using colors on the web, you need to know a color’s hex code. In layman’s terms is just a 3 or 6 digit set of letters and numbers, preceded by a hashtag symbol.

So the hex codes for my logo, for example, are #375e97, #fb6542 and #ffbb00.

(Pro-tip: If you get a logo built, be sure to ask the designer what the hex codes are!).

And thanks to one of my all-time favorite free tools, Canva, getting the main hexcodes used in any image is really simple.

Just go to, upload your photo, and it will generate the hex codes for you.


More Resources For Color Schemes

Of course, even with these easy tools, you might be looking for some extra guidance on what types of palettes to be focusing on. How feminine should you go, how masculine, is black on white appropriate for your brand, etc?

If that’s the case, this guide on the psychology of color online might be helpful.

But I’d recommend sticking with your gut to start off – especially since you have these nice tools to refine what your gut is telling you. Just because ‘women don’t like orange’ doesn’t mean you can’t use it (my logo, Exhibit A!)

And I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve used these color generators for other websites I’ve built, and they’re great. But for this website, my baby, I just couldn’t find the right combo.

So I actually found this little color scheme picking cheat sheet, and used one of these! (See if you can find it! 😉 )


If You Get Stuck

OK, so I’ve just spent this whole post talking about how to get the perfect color scheme, but I have something else to tell you.

There is no perfect color scheme.

It’s easy to use these color generators and come up with 10 different color combinations, all of which you kinda like, and then you feel like you can’t start your website until you get the perfect color, and so you don’t start your website and just go over new and different color schemes every day …… Trust me, I’ve been there.

Even just thinking about that ‘paralysis by analysis’ is nerve-wrecking!

So my advice is: it’s not that serious. Not really. All you need is a nice, matching color scheme, and these generators will give you that.

If everything matches, everything on your website will look professional. So just pick one and stick with it. It’s not really that hard to change in the future, especially if you’re starting off with a small audience.

So good luck finding a color scheme for your website … you’re going to be looking like Claude Monet in no time!

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