It’s such an old and dated term, that you might have asked yourself, ‘what are some other words for ‘blog’? The short answer is – there’s tons!

It might seem like a silly distinction, but the word you choose for your blog can help reflect more about your brand and your website content. I’ll cover some options below.

Plus, let’s go over some unique ways to use your blog, if you’re a small business and wondering if you need one at all (hint: you do!).

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Other Words for ‘Blog’

So when when you’re thinking up new names for your ‘blog,’ think about how you want your readers to interact with your posts. Do you use your blog regularly? Are your posts long or short? Is your blog actually the most important part of your website? Is your content serious, or light-hearted?

Remember that your blog is the space on your website that you dedicate to more timely content. The idea is that your blog should be updated with new content at least on a semi-regular basis – the more the better.

(If you’re still unsure about the difference between WordPress pages and blog posts, see here).

At a glance, here’s some other words you could use for your blog:

But don’t be afraid to add a little personality. Simply adding ‘My’ or ‘Our’ makes a big difference: My Articles, Our Beat, My Scoops.

Maybe your popular store owner or manager is in charge of your blog (either because they actually write it, or it’s ghostwritten from their perspective). So then you can call your blog ‘Andy’s Spread,’ for example.

(And I sincerely hope someone out there named Reese has a blog called ‘Reese’s Pieces’ …. I mean, come on 🙂 )

Maybe you have a blog all about asthma treatment, so you have your ‘Asthma Resouces.’ Calling your blog ‘articles,’ ‘column,’ or ‘resources’ adds a bit of weight and lets people know they can expect some serious, long form content.

Meanwhile calling it ‘stories,’ ‘scoop’ or ‘pieces’ keeps things a bit lighter.

And think about your overall brand. I work with a jewellery company that uses their own customer stories and testimonials to drive their marketing efforts. Naturally, we call their blog ‘Our Stories.’

I find that web design newbies can put themselves in a rigid box, when it comes to all sorts of things about their websites. With all online marketing, including web design, there’s a few ‘wrong’ things you can do, but there’s tons of ways to be right.

And when you build your own website, it’s super easy to change things (like your page titles) in the future. It’s why I love being in charge of my own website and content.

(Not sure if you can take the plunge into building your own site, too? Check out my newbie guide to building a website from scratch here).


Other Ways To Use Your Blog

OK, so we’ve covered some other words for blog, but let’s think about some other uses for your blog, too.

Even when you don’t have a full-time professional writer on staff, you still need a blog. And you can probably update it more easily than you think.

The reality is that regular, timely content on your website is really important  if you’re at all concerned with your search engine ranking. When you publish more frequently, you let search engines like Google know that you’re a viable, exciting website they should be showing to people.

(If you’d like to learn more about making your website search engine optimized, see here). LINK

Also, connecting with your customers in a meaningful way is just as important as your search engine ranking. Your blog is a space for a little shameless self promotion, and a new avenue for reaching new and existing clients.

A blog also lets you make content that is more likely to be shared on social media than your static website. So the reality is that businesses today just need a blog.

But I get it. Not everyone is a writer, and coming up with content ideas is hard, right? Wrong!

Here’s some other things you can call your blog … hopefully this list will help you start seeing all your possibilities:

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Frequently asked questions are actually one of my favourite ways to come up with new content for blog (whether you actually call your blog ‘FAQ’s or not). If lots of customers are asking you questions in person, they’ll probably be just as happy to read about them on your blog. And because you’re an expert in your field, it’ll be easier for you to write this type of content – just imagine you’re explaining something to a customer!

So there you go – some other words for ‘blog’ that have hopefully given you some good ideas for new content writing going forward. Happy writing!

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