I get it: you want to get a cheap logo, because you’ve got so much else to worry about while you get your website ready and launched.

But how do you get a cheap logo when you don’t have any design experience?

Not to worry, your big sister is here to help! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a free logo in no time.

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How To Get A Cheap Logo:
Meet Your Logo-Making Tool & New Best Friend (It’s Free!)

Like I’ve shared before, there are amazing, affordable tools to build your whole website from scratch without experience.

Thankfully, that means there are also tools available to get a cheap logo (actually, a free one!) too.

And since nothing is cheaper than free, let’s build your logo ourselves!

We’re going to build your logo in Canva, one of my all time favourite digital tools.

If you’re new to Canva, get ready for it to change your life. This website basically replicates all the hard work of web design and Photoshop, but in a fun, free platform that we lowly, untrained marketers can use. Think of it like baby-proofed Photoshop.

See, Canva has a team of people who have spent their whole lives dedicated to graphic design. They do all the work, so we don’t have to!

That means you can use their free templates and designs to make all kinds of professional graphics, without any previous experience whatsoever.

(The same goes for Elegant Themes and web design – it’s why I used their platform to help be build this website. If you want an easy solution to complex web design, check them out here).

So with Canva, all you really need is some taste and a good eye, and you’ll be point and clicking your way to a brilliant logo in no time. 

Build Your Logo In Canva

OK, so now that you’ve been introduced to Canva (aka, your new best friend, digitally), let’s make that beautiful logo!

Go to canva.com and open up a new account, if you don’t have one already.


Good? Now it’s time to start designing! Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a tab to design a logo – click it.

canva screenshot

Now, are you ready for your mind to be blown?

Look on the left hand tab, and see all the different free logo templates there are available. I mean, look at them all! 🙂

canva logo options

You can see they’re also nicely organized for you, which is awesome … but don’t get too bogged down in the categories, either. Choose whatever you like.

I used one of these options to build my logo (what do you think?), but I think it was categorized for an office or a laywer’s office or something. But I liked how it had space for three letters, which I needed, ‘cause my name has three letters (Your Big Sister).

So I simply swapped out the colours, changed the fonts and made it ‘mine.’

Let’s say you have a home furnishing company called ‘Harper & Joy.’ So you scroll down to the ‘Home Furnishings’ section, and you find you like this second logo template that’s available.

choosing a logo template on canva

Just click on it, and voila! It’s now in your little box, ready for you to start making changes.

You probably have your own colours you’d like to use. To change the colour of the blocks (or any element in any Canva design), just click on it, and change the colours using the buttons on the top left.

changing color on canva

(Don’t have a good colour scheme yet? Check out my guide to picking colours for your website here … and, you guessed it, you can also get a professionally designed palette for free!)

Similarly you can also change the font and sizing to your liking – and don’t worry, they’ve got tons of fonts to choose from.

changing fonts in canva

(And also similarly, if you don’t have a font combo you love for your brand yet, check out my guide to font pairings!)

When you’re done, title your design something like ‘YOUR BUSINESS NAME Logo,’ which will be good for SEO purposes, as well as help keep things organized within your Canva account.

screenshot showing how to download files in canva

Click download … and you’re (almost!) good to go!

A final note on picking one of your free logo templates. If you already have a website design in mind or ready, try to think about picking a template that will fill out the available space nicely. Much more important than the category you choose, is the shape – whether it’s more of a square or a rectangle.

And don’t worry if you fall in love with a template that isn’t free. At the time of writing this article, I believe the paid templates on Canva only cost $1!


Make It Transparent

Now, if you designed your logo on a white background and your website is white, you can technically skip this step, at least for now.

But ultimately, you want a transparent logo. That means your logo graphic doesn’t have any background, so you can overlay it onto any color background and just see the logo.

This used to be a job for Photoshop and other expensive, difficult-to-use programs, but no longer!

First, I should point out that if you get a business account with Canva, you can download transparent PNGs, which is what you need here.

At the time of writing this article, they’re charging less than $20 a month for the business plans, and the plans come with lots of other perks. I haven’t quite made the leap to opening a paid account, but I’m thisclose. (And no, I’m not an affiliate marketer for Canva … I just seriously love them!).

So you have the option to pay a little to have Canva do the work for you.

OR, you can use a free website to make your graphics transparent.

Simply go to onlinepngtools.com/create-transparent-png  and follow the simple steps.

making a logo transparent screenshot

Now, the end results may not be as perfect as something you’d pay a logo designer hundreds or thousands of dollars for … but it’s pretty darn close. I also found that some lighter colours didn’t work well, heads up.

Note: you likely also want to crop your logo tightly before uploading it to your website. You don’t want it taking up more space than it needs to.


Load Your Logo Onto Your Website

Like many things, WordPress makes it nice and easy to upload your logo to your website.

I’m going to show you how to do so using my Extra theme , which I get from my subscription to Elegant Themes .

(Elegant Themes is one of the few digital products I actually pay for, because it’s affordable and ah-mazing. I walk you through how to use it, step by step, to build a great website here. And yes, I’m a proud affiliate marketer for ET).

Your WordPress theme might do things a little differently, but this should give you the idea.

From your WordPress Dashboard, find the ‘Extra’ tab near the bottom left side. Click it, and choose ‘Theme Options.’

wordpress theme options

From there, the space to add your logo is nice and obvious at the top.

screenshot of logo settings in elegant themes

Nice and easy! You can also go into Apperance -> Theme Customizer -> Header & Navigation Settings ->Header Format Settings to change whether your logo is left/right or centred.

And go into Header & Navigation Settings -> Fixed Navigation Settings to change the size of your logo.

And there you have it! You now have a beautiful new logo for your website!

If you’re got other questions about your logo settings, Elegant Themes has a great live chat (one of the many reasons I love ‘em). Don’t be afraid to use it.

Hopefully you see how how easy it is to get a cheap logo. And I love getting questions from my readers, too. Please don’t be afraid to email yourbigsisteronline@gmail.com to ask me anything about your logos!

Psssst …. like the graphics in this post? I built them super easily and FOR FREE using Canva.
They’re two of my favourite online resources available to digitial marketers …
find them all with links here!