I’ve used Elegant Themes to build dozens of websites for small businesses (including my own), and there’s a reason for it: they simply offer the best WordPress themes for business.

Competing with ‘the big guys’ and their outsized budgets can seem daunting. But Elegant Themes provides all the tools to make beautiful – and beautifully branded – websites that are easy to build and easy for my clients to maintain. That’s why the Divi and Extra themes from Elegant Themes in particular are so perfect for business websites.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why Divi and Extra themes are my go-to WordPress themes for business (and why I used Extra to build this site!).


5 Reasons Why Elegant Themes
Are the Best WordPress Themes for Business:

1. Customizable for Your Brand

I’ve built websites for real estate agents, bloggers, independent contractors, an upstart furniture company, hotels, wedding decorators, well-established luxury jewellery stores, clothing retailers … and the list goes on. Every company has a unique brand and voice – and therefore every company needs a unique website that accurately and subtly highlights it.

Customizing WordPress theme

Gif and Photo Credits: Elegant Themes

That means, if you’re chosing a WordPress theme for your business, you need one that makes customization easy.

Seems like the Elegant Themes team is committed to ever more customization abilities – they’re always coming out with updates to make this easier. Take a look at the customization available in Divi. You’re going to find easy ways to make changes, from simple things like your theme color and font to more important issues, like social media integration and header and navigation settings. Whether you’re building a website for a client or yourself, it’s easy to get everything ‘just right.’

2. Easy and Beautiful Blogging

If you’re a business owner in 2018, then presumably I don’t need to sell you on the importance of having a blog. You probably know that blogging is important for your messaging, your seo, and keeping your site current – plus, it’s just a great way to demonstrate your expertise and connect with your customers. (In fact, one of my clients finds blogging to be so helpful that they do it daily!).

That’s why I was so excited when Elegant Themes launched Extra, their custom WordPress blogging theme.

Extra features all the perks of Divi – meaning it has a beautiful, drag-and-drop builder that makes web design simple.

But Extra is also turbo-charged with all kinds of great features – category modules, numerous header options, advanced mega menus, easy post reviews and social integration, and really pretty blog layouts, too. With Extra, you can have your blog, and make it beautiful, too!

blog post widget for Elegant Themes Extra
responsive wordpress theme for business

3. Responsive

Just like you’ve probably heard how important blogging is for business websites, you’ve also probably heard how important it is for websites to be responsive. That means that they can adjust themselves to function well on all screen sizes – desktop, tablet and mobile (as well as across browser types, too – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc).

If you want the best WordPress theme for business, then you need one that makes responsiveness easy. And the great thing about Elegant Themes? Both Divi and Extra are responsive, right out of the box.

These themes also give you lots of options to hide features and sections on mobile if you’d like. So it’s never been easier to connect with your customers – where ever, and however they find your website.

4. WooCommerce, Anyone?

Perhaps you need your business website to sell your products. Well rest easy – Divi and Extra are both WooCommerce ready.

In fact, the Elegant Theme developers have taken extra care to ensure Extra WooCommerce stores are easily integrated with the look and feel of the rest of the site. And since WooCommerce powers 30% of all online stores (at a fraction of the cost you’ll likely pay custom developers), you’ll be in good company.

WooCommerce in WordPress theme demo
I’ve added WooCommerce to several Elegant Themes templates (StyleShop, MyCuisine and Divi, to be specific!), and I’m actually going to be starting a new project this week, adding WooCommerce to Extra. I can’t wait!

See a live Demo of a WooCommerce store built with Elegant Themes’ Extra here.

Elegant Themes screenshot for business website

5. Easy and Affordable

Perhaps I need to redefine the word ‘easy’ here – like with any WordPress theme, there is going to be a bit of a learning curve with Elegant Themes.

But  I built my first website, ever, using Elegant Themes, and I’ve never looked back. I had NO experience building a website, and, because of my wonderful WordPress template, I rocked it – so much so that I’ve built a life for myself designing websites.

If you have no experience with WordPress website design, then there will be a learning process. Thankfully, the support offered to new members is extensive – the best I’ve seen in the WordPress community. Elegant Themes offers users access to their developers, who answer all your questions and even offer some serious customization free of charge (at least they have for me!).

If you’re a small business owner and would like to try your hand at your own design, the drag and drop nature of Divi and Extra really can make building a great website do-able.

And like I said, their support system for designers is AMAZING – I have literally never had a problem that the Elegant Themes experts couldn’t fix.

So, if you’d like to try building a website, either for your company or for other companies, Elegant Themes is a great place to start. Elegant Themes provides the best WordPress Themes for business because they provide the best WordPress themes, period!

Elegant Themes allows me to run my freelance web design company. In fact, I love Elegant Themes so much that I’ve become an affiliate marketer – that means that the links on this post are affiliate links (at no extra cost to you). Thanks for reading!

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