If you have an affiliate website, then you already know how important sustainable traffic is.

And if you know how important sustainable traffic is, then you know how important seo is.

And if you know how important seo is, then you know that seo is mostly about Google optimization, and following Google’s rules. 

But you might not know this simple rule Google has for affiliate websites, or how easy it is to comply. Let’s jump in so you can add this bit of extra seo to your affiliate site right away (don’t worry – it’s super simple). 

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What You Need To Know About Links on Affiliate Sites

As you’re probably aware, Google (and other search engines) rely heavily on links to build a picture of the web and to see what’s popular. They like to know what compels people organically. 

Google loves it when you include outgoing links on your posts (source).

(See what I did there? I just included an outgoing link! 😉 ).

Anytime you add a link to your website, you’re boosting the reputation of that link a little bit – and therefore making it more likely that a search engine will rank it highly.

And Google does not want paid links (ie, affiliate links) to be getting undue reputation boosts, just because they paid for it. They want reputation to be organic, so that they can always deliver the best actual results to their users. 

Which means, Google wants to know if you’re getting paid for your links or not. 

So Google’s beloved guru Matt Cutts says that most of the time, Google knows when a link is to an affiliate site. But he also suggests that you add ‘no follow’ to your links if you’re worried about them.

‘No follow’ just means that you tell search engines that you don’t want to give this link any of that sweet linking juice.

(To learn more about Google does and does not recommend, learn from the horse’s mouth! Find their SEO Starter Guide here).


So Add This To Your Affiliate Website … Now!

If you don’t know how to add ‘no follow’ to your affiliate links, then don’t worry. There’s super simple solution (and another one of the reasons why I love WordPress and recommend it for affiliate websites). 

All you have to do is upload the plugin called Title and Nofollow for Links, and voila! You can now easily change the settings of every link on your postpage, making it ‘no follow’ if you want to. 

interface of plugin for affiliate websites

I use this plugin on all my affiliate websites, and I add ‘nofollow’ for all my affiliate links, including just simple Amazon ones that Google can probably spot a mile away. Maybe I’m overdoing it on the goodie-goodie side of things, but why risk making a mistake?

And note that I also use the Extra premium theme (no follow affiliate link here, hah!), and I don’t have any compatibility issues with this plugin. It’s a pretty simple plugin and it solves this affiliate website issue right away – so definitely worth a try!

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