One of the most important pages on any website is the ‘About Us’ page. It’s usually one of the most trafficked pages on your site, and it’s where visitors go to connect with your brand and learn more about you.

So you want to make sure you’re using a great design/template for it.

Your ‘About Us’ page should be beautifully and intelligently designed, so that it encourages people to engage with your company (and maybe want to buy a few things, too!).

That’s why I recommend following templates. By using templates, you can basically let web design experts do the heavy design work. All you’ll have to worry about is adding some compelling copy that tells your unique story. 

Plus, following a template is just sooo much easier. 

If you’re using WordPress, then you’ve got lots of template options. To fully maximize WordPress, I HIGHLY recommend adding a subscription to Elegant Themes to your site. This will make your design job a whole lot easier, because they offer tons of gorgeous ‘About Us’ templates which are ready-to-use (and of course, matching pages for the rest of your site, too).

I’m about to show you 33 of my favourites.


(As of publication, there are actually over 110+ ‘About Us’ templates available with your Elegant Themes subscription, so whatever type of business/website you’re building, you’re probably covered! Plus they add new templates every week).

All of these templates are super easy to install (details on that here). And just as important, they’re designed by some of the most touted designers  around – so you know your page will look great, too.

So let’s dive in to these ‘About Us’ templates! 


‘About Us’ Pages –
What They MUST Include

Your ‘About Us’ page is usually one of the most heavily trafficked on your site, with good reason. Potential customers will seek it out because, well, they want to know all about you!

You want to build an attractive page that also does a killer job describing what sets you apart from your competitors. If you do this, then your ‘About’ page becomes a wonderful, evergreen resource that’s always selling your business.

When done right, it’s also a great page to link to on your social media efforts (so, you might put it as the main link on your Facebook and Instagram pages, instead of your Home page, for example).

That means you want to ensure you include good copy that explains who you are, including your values, your vision, and the key selling points of your services or products – basically, everything and anything that is special about your company. You’ll want some calls to action, too (like, encouraging people to sign up for your mailing list, for example).

And of course, you want to do this in a way that is visually attractive and on-brand. Which is why ‘About Us’ templates can be so helpful.

(Looking for tips on how to brand your website? This guide will help you out, even if you’ve got little or no design experience).

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These ‘About Us’ Templates –
How To Use Them

In the Elegant Themes world, they use the word ‘layout’ instead of ‘template,’ but they’re basically the same thing. 

I love that their layouts are designed by experts, so they’re fully branded and have the perfect blend of design and calls to action, plus many ways for customers to reach you.

AND, they include high quality images that are free to use, too.

Plus, Elegant Themes gives you lots of options for your website with these layouts. And I mean lots.

In fact, they’ve made ‘layout packs’ for 110+ different industry websites – meaning you can copy their templates and build websites easily (see them all here).

And we’re not just talking about ‘About Us’ templates. That also includes all the other pages you need to flesh out your website – namely a matching home page, a contact page, a blog page, a services page and a landing page (and sometimes more).

These are all carefully designed, so that colours, fonts, images and designs are all branded and laid out in a way that’s on-point for your industry. (See, told you they make it easy!).

And they come out with new layout packs, including new ‘About Us’ templates, every week.

In order to make these work, you need to be using WordPress, and you need to be an Elegant Themes member (it’s not expensive for how you much you get, including amazing customer support – learn more here).

The ease of use and high quality of these layouts is one of the main reasons I love Elegant Themes and became an affiliate marketer – learn more about my journey with them here


33 About Us Templates

So let’s take a look at 33 of my favourite templates.

These should give you an idea of the options that are available, and provide a little inspiration, whether you’re using Elegant Themes or not

And a final hint: don’t be afraid to take a little inspiration here and there. Remember that a gym layout, say, could likely work just as well for a boxing club, etc, etc. 


Hopefully this dive into Elegant Themes has given you some inspiration for your ‘About Us’ page. And remember, I’ve just scratched the Elegant Themes surface with these! 

In fact, they have layout templates for the following industries: Art & Design, Business, Community & Non-Profit, Education, Events, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Online Store, Services, and Technology (plus a ‘Simple’ category for when you just need something, well, simple!). Find them all here

And if you’re wondering what exactly that means, as of the time of publication, they’ve got pre-made website for the following types of businesses: Restaurant, Agency, Learning Management (for e-courses), Design Agency, Fashion, Coffee Shop, Farmer’s Market, Yoga Studio, Wedding, Travel Agency, Photo Marketplace, Copywriter, SaaS Company, Web Agency, Interior Design Company, Digital Payments, Pottery Studio, SEO Agency, Business Consultant, Juice Shop, Software Marketing, Babysitter, Design Conference, Food Recipes/Blogger, Marathon, Cosmetics Shop, Tea Shop, Boutique, Auto Repair, Architecture Firm, Real Estate, Law Firm, Author, Handyman, Jeweler, Doctor’s Office, Travel Blog, Job Recruiter, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Animal Shelter, Elementary School, Locksmith, Life Coach, Wedding Planner, Car Dealer, Pharmacy, Graphic Illustrator, IT Services, Car Rental, Accountant, Insurance Agency, Construction Company, Meetup Website, Therapist, Moving Company, Carpenter, Business Coach, Language School, Electrician, Transportation Services, Food Catering, Gardener, Hosting Company, Plant Nursery, Cleaning Company, Makeup Artist, Bed and Breakfast, Web Freelancer, Political Candidate, Notary Public, Dentist, Nutritionist, Funeral Home, Soccer Club, Personal Trainer, Church, Driving School, Plumber, Fitness Gym, Podcast, Day Care, Laundry Services, Charity, Bank, Suit Tailor, Internet Service Provider, Digital Product, Painting Service, Technology News Blog, Environmental Nonprofit, Butcher, Hardware Store, Video Game, Furniture Store, Day Spa, Physical Therapist Office, Investment Company, Personal Stylist, App Developer, Health Clinic, Golf Course, Risk Management Firm, Bakery, Professional CV, Wedding Engagement, Resort, Home Improvement, Paralegal, Esports, Mortgage Broker, Farmer, Mechanic, Food Bank, Calligrapher, Actor CV, Ebook, Veterinarian, Green Energy Company, Art Gallery, Sightseeing Tour Company, Chiropractor, Candy Shop, Eye Doctor, Cyber Security, Donut Shop, Dog Walker, HVAC Company, Ice Cream Shop, DJ and Cake Maker . Whew!

(And remember, they add to this list each week!).

I’ve also made a complete, step-by-step guide to building a website using Elegant Themes from scratch – find it here. 

So again, whether you copy a website for your industry, or you just use these as inspiration, there’s plenty ‘About Us’ templates for you to choose from – good luck!  


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